Cheap Accommodation for traveling in Japan

jiyujin_hostel_kyotoGuesthouses and Dormitories

Japan is full of reasonably priced guesthouses. They range from old, traditional Japanese rooms to modern, compact hostels.  Dormitories are often available.  It’s best to find out where you want to stay, then search on a site such as for the best places.  Prices usually start from 2000 yen for a dormitory bed and 3500 yen for a room.

Tokyo Guesthouses/Hostels

Osaka Guesthouses/Hostels

Kyoto Guesthouses/Hostels

For others, please search for the specific place’s page for guesthouses and hostels.

capsule_ryokan_kyotoCapsule hotels

A real ‘only in Japan‘ experience. Capsule hotels are a cheap (from 2500 yen) way to stay a night or two.  A hot spring or spa pass in sometimes included, so you will probably be too sleepy to worry about the size!  English support is often weak, but it should be no problem getting a capsule.

What’s a Capsule Hotel?

Tokyo Capsule Hotels

Osaka Capsule Hotels

Kyoto Capsule Hotels

love_hotel_sLove hotels

Love hotel rooms usually cost half of a normal hotel.  Rooms are small, but great for a night. The best are found in Shibuya. Expect to pay 6000-10000 yen for a night.

What’s a Love Hotel?

Tokyo Love Hotel Guide

Osaka Love Hotel Guide

youth_hostel_tokyoYouth Hostels

If you are a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation, hostels are a great way to stay. Prices range from 2500 to 3500, with non-members paying a little more.

net_cafe_smallInternet Cafes

By far the cheapest way to stay in the heart of a Japanese city, and great if you are on a night out and don’t want to worry about the last train.  Prices start from just 780 yen.

Tokyo Internet Cafe Guide

Osaka Internet Cafe Guide

Kyoto Internet Cafe Guide

chichibu_buko_onsenHot springs

Many hot springs have cheap rooms or capsules for you to sleep in.  You can also get an overnight pass and sleep on their lazyboy chairs! The best in Tokyo is Oedo Hot Spring.

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More info

Longer Term Stay

For those staying a little longer, check out our short term stay page.  Monthly apartments and guesthouse rooms are available all over Japan.

If you plan to work or stay for a year or more, then their are plenty of options here.  It’s not as expensive as people say, if you know where to go.  And we do! So please read our guide!

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