Super Cheap Japan book now in Tokyo’s biggest bookstore!

Many thanks to Kinokuniya for adding Super Cheap Japan to their bookshelves! It’s the No.1 chain in Japan and also has stores across the world in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, so it means a lot. Check out their USA store at Kinokuniya USA or get the book at    

Jimbocho- Tokyo’s Book Town

A walk through Jimbocho? I cannot think of any stroll, rain or shine, that a book lover would enjoy more. Jimbocho, Tokyo’s used book town, is easily accessed from Shinjuku via the Shinjuku subway line (toward 各停Moto-Yawata, Jimbocho Station, exit A7). Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward, Kanda district, near Meiji University, Jimbocho is centered aroundContinue reading “Jimbocho- Tokyo’s Book Town”