Book your flight to Japan

It’s best to reserve as early as possible. Japanese budget airlines offer particularly cheap fares if you book far in advance. Check various dates as well, as prices vary dramatically based on Japanese national holidays. Budget travel tips If you live in a large city, contact a Japanese travel agency (such as the Japan TravelContinue reading “Book your flight to Japan”

Haneda Airport (HND)

How to get into Tokyo Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) is not that far from central Tokyo, so the journey doesn’t cost much. To Shinjuku, take the Keikyu line (private line) to Shinagawa station, then take the Yamanote Line (green JR line) to Shinjuku station (590 yen, 45 mins) To Shibuya, take the Keikyu line (private line) to ShinagawaContinue reading “Haneda Airport (HND)”

Narita Airport (NRT)

How to get into Tokyo (without a Japan Rail Pass) Don’t take the expensive Narita Express from JR (national rail).  Instead use Keisei Railways. Take the Keisei line (private blue coloured line) to Keisei-Ueno (1200 yen, 69 mins).  From  Keisei-Ueno, you can easily access anywhere in Tokyo.  Check for the latest train times. HowContinue reading “Narita Airport (NRT)”