JR Kyushu Northern Pass

The JR Kyushu Northern Pass allows unlimited travel on all JR (national rail) trains all over northern Kyushu, including the Shinkansen (bullet) trains.  3 day and 5 day passes are available. What does it cost? 3 days: 8500 yen (around $70) 5 days: 10000 yen (around $82) When can I use it? Anytime. Is it worth it? Kyushu has a modern Shinkansen systemContinue reading “JR Kyushu Northern Pass”


Matsushima (松島) is famous bay not far from Sendai. What makes this place unique is that the bay is dotted with beautiful little islands, the most famous of which has a shrine on top. You can view the islands by walking around the bay or by using traditional Japanese bridges to access the 2 main islands. Budget travel tips Taking aContinue reading “Matsushima”


Sendai (仙台) is one of the biggest cities in Tohoku. It is not an essential visit, but offers cheap accommodation and many side trips. There are also some interesting things to do in the city if you have some spare time between travelling. Budget travel tips Head up north to the World Heritage site of Hiraizumi.Continue reading “Sendai”