Top cheap places to go around Fuji

What place do you think when you hear word of ‘Fuji’? Most people definitely will answer Mount Fuji as it’s also known as great magnificent one of a kind mountain, a pride symbol of Japan. But there are actually more great spots to explore around beside Mount Fuji itself. So, let’s check out these must visit places!

1. Fuji Five Lakes / Fujigoko 富士五湖

There are 5 different lakes to pick from to get that picture perfect of Mt Fuji and the surrounding scenery; Yamanaka, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Shōji and Motosu lake. Some also offer more than just stunning view, with attractions like the hot springs in Lake Kawaguchiko and watersport activities in Lake Shōji.

2. Kawaguchiko Herb Hall

Kawaguchiko Herb Hall is a small shop with a beautiful garden that offers herb goods, dried flowers and also perfumes. On top of that, you can also taste unique Japanese soft ice cream in the local Lavender flavour.

3. Fujisan World Heritage Center

If you were planning to hike Mount Fuji but the weather seems not to be cooperating, here’s a place to satisfy your curiosity about this treasured mountain. Located just at the base entrance of Mount Fuji, you can dig into information related to Mt Fuji such as hiking seasons and climate, and also learn more about its natural history in a short video titled Kokoro no Furusato. The show is available in Chinese or English languages and free of charge.

4.Healing Village Sato Nenba / Iyashi no Sato いやしの里

A place where you can feel like you were transported into an old Japan era. The village has truly traditional surroundings. Make yourself feel like a real local by trying on a kimono, or ninja and samurai costumes at affordable prices. Best time to visit is during spring or summer.

5. Fuji Children World


Drop by your child here to have some fun and relax, if it can! Featuring fishing in a natural pond, pony rides, and snow sledding in winter. Attractions come in different themes areas; water, meadow, forest, earth. There is also an indoor area where your child can have fun even on a rainy day. Admission charge is only around 800 yen for adults and free for children elementary age or below.

Written by Anita Lim –
[Anita Lim is blogger who is enthusiastic about Japan, especially travel in Japan and Japanese beauty]

Published by Matthew Baxter

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